We Are Leaving For Home Today

by Phil

In 6 hours we leave for the airport. It’s been a long couple of weeks of tearful goodbyes, endless meals and gifted sweets, and truly suprising kindnesses. We are ready to go home, but we will miss all our friends and neighbors here. Last night we enjoyed our last nightride on the Enfields. The new owners of each will come this morning to take them to new homes :)

So we are headed to the airport… but we are not home yet! We have unfinished business with the beaurocratic stuff around transporting our Darjeeling street cur; it is not at all a given that she will make it home. The double-talk and mind-crushingly Byzantine procedures around international dog-shipping from here may defeat us, we do not know. The worst case is pretty damned grim.

We go from here to Delhi, where we will arrive tonight, and in the morning we leave by car for Agra and the Taj Mahal. Rumor has it there is a retirement village for dancing bears out that way, so we may have to stop…

Sunday we come back from the Taj, and in the wee hours of Monday morning, we board Emirates are for the first leg of the flight home, stopping over in Dubai. But still we are delayed: due to the dog (if she makes it that far), we must lay over for longer than 6 hours, per Emirates rules; and there is only one flight a day, so that really means 24 hours. So we board Emirates again for the final leg on Tuesday morning, to arrive in San Francisco sometime on Tuesday.

Gonna stop at Pancho’s on Polk Street and Kiji on Guererro immediately. After that we are turning on the invisibility cloak for a couple of weeks.

See you soon :)

5 Responses to “We Are Leaving For Home Today”

  1. Lori says:

    Safe journey. Good luck with the pooch. Although you have been missed, this blog has been endlessly fascinating; providing vicarious thrills, horror, and eye candy all along the way.

  2. Dear Pam and Phil,

    I really don’t remember how I got to know about your blog, but the moment I found it I bookmarked it and added to my feeds.

    Though I never commented on your blog, I regularly read it and it was sheer pleasure for me to go through your each post especially the photographs are just amazing. You have showed my own country in a different perspective.

    Though its sad to know that you are leaving, but I am very thankful for all what you have shared here. Looking forward for your next visit to India.

    and my hearty wishes to both of your for your future endeavors.

    best regards

    Mahesh Telkar

  3. Usha says:

    I hope Kali makes it on board in time. I felt very sad after saying ‘good bye’ yesterday. I do hope you will all be back here some day for another sojourn.
    Meantime I know home beckons and you are quite eager to be back to the familiarity and certainty of life.
    Keep in touch. Love

  4. John Feld says:

    Happy trails to all three of you. Shame you’re not bringing the bikes as well….but Kali is far more important. Bikes can be replaced.

  5. Amy says:

    OMG! I stumbled across your blog and I have read it all in one go! It is after 4am now >:}
    You must post more. Also, it was really funny to read about SF stuff, as I am in San jose. What a weird cross-over!