About Us

Welcome to our India blog !

It’s difficult not to skid into the rehashed territory of late night PBS travel documentaries when writing a travel blog; but, to balance that out, there is the fact that this is Pam and Phil’s travel blog.

The same Pam and Phil who headed across the Mojave Desert without actually knowing it was a desert, and only carrying half a bottle of water.

The same Pam and Phil who broke into a shut down amusement park in Minnesota to see a 30-foot tall sculpture of Paul Bunyan.

The same Pam and Phil who discovered that the only place to buy Bali Shag brand tobacco in Minneapolis after midnight was at the giant downtown sex shop where Diablo Cody used to strip.

The same Pam and Phil who visited the alien museum in Roswell, New Mexico and waited for hours into the East Texas night for the damn Marfa lights to show up. They didn’t.

The same Pam and Phil whose perfectly good midnight road trip was interrupted when the road abruptly ended and we were spit out onto a gravel fire trail at 70 mph. Neither of us had a map. One of us can’t read one. The other of us usually can’t find his glasses.

The same Pam and Phil who lied to get into Burning Man early and camped in the shade of a tailpipe for three days while holding down territory for the rest of two camps; and it turned out we’d claimed a large swath of playa earmarked for the handicapped.

Clearly we qualified.

It’s truly amazing that we haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth already… but stay tuned: India is a big country, and a year is a long time ; )