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Kicking it up a notch: Throwing salt on a bonfire in preparation for an all-night firewalking festival.

On A Train: Phil


Bra Salesman

Step right up !

Mickey and Friend

True: I was taking a photo of Mickey, and this Hampi girl jumped in front of the camera, looked straight into the lens, and stood still just like this. What could I do? I clicked. Then, she came to look at the shot in the viewfinder, said the Kannada equivalent of, “Wait, I think I can do a better one,” went back to her mark, posed again in exactly the same way, and I clicked again. She looked at the result, laughed, and skipped her way back down the street.

Lost & Found

Hampi locals come to the riverside each morning to bathe and brush their teeth. Someone left this toothbrush behind and I’m the lucky bastard that gets to keep it!

Long Story Short

The chair is, like, a symbol, man.