We Are Off To Goa and Mumbai

by Phil

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Sorry for lack of bloggery of late! Pam has been in the U.S., I have been very ill, we have moved from the nightmare Panduranga home, have been having some technical obstacles, and now we are leaving again for some more adventure. Adobe shuts down in India this coming week, so Pam and I are headed out to explore Goa and check out Mumbai.

The truth is, every hour brings a hundred new bloggable things; the challenge is triage, and sometimes we just freeze up in the face of so much material. But I am sure when we get back from this trip we will be ready to share some new crazy :)

Keep us on your “A” list…

5 Responses to “We Are Off To Goa and Mumbai”

  1. lauralee says:

    Can’t wait. We’ve missed you.

  2. John Feld says:

    Are going by car, motorbike, or train?
    Going to be a long exhausting trip. Take it easy.

  3. Mrs Mum says:

    Hi Pam
    Sorry we couldn’t hook up when you were home but it was just too far for an old woman to drive both ways in one day.I hope your friend is in a better place now. I tried to call you on your cell but it was answered by a man with a spanish accent that said you had gone to New Jork. When I called later I got someones answering machine, so I guessed your phone was stolen or you were in New Jork. Hope all is OK with you and I hope Phill is feeling better. Don’t drink the water and eat lots of spicy food to kill off the bugs. Talk to you soon.
    I hope you are not in the flood. We saw it on T. V. last night.
    Love you both Mum

  4. Mrs Mum says:

    Goa is were the Indian stewarts on the ship to New Zeland were from. Do you remember the one who used to read you a story every night. Have a good trip.

  5. Stay clear of Minto’s in Mumbai!!!