Friends of Friends of Hollis

by Pam


Hollis Hawthorne, a fellow San Franciscan traveling in India, was recently in a very bad motorcycle accident and sadly is in a coma at a hospital in Chennai. Her friends and family have launched a campaign to raise $150,000 to get her back home, where she will have the best chances of recovery at Stanford Medical Center.

Neither of us actually knows Hollis, but we know San Francisco, and when someone needs help, we all pitch in and do what we can. That’s just how we roll. We’re going to make a small donation; and if you are able, we encourage you to do the same. She seems like an amazing person, our hearts go out to all concerned.

To make a donation, or for more info about Hollis, click HERE.

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2 Responses to “Friends of Friends of Hollis”

  1. Jonny Poynton says:

    Thanks for posting this. Really great of you. I am really good friends with a beautiful woman who performs with her. She is keeping me up to date. They putting on a benefit in SF next week, Extra Action Marching Band are playing etc etc. Might be at the Independent. I saw Hollis perform with my friend Bethany two weeks ago at the opening of the new Nimby in Oakland. BTW I think Chicken John knows Hollis.

  2. Irenie Beanie says:

    she helped us out for a few days when we first built the giant flower for Burning Man… so shocking and sad. i’m pulling for a happy ending.