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The News

I am an MSNBC junkie, and there is no way to *really* get it overseas. Even the geeky pathways to US feeds are closed down, the “clips” on the MSNBC website are SO slow and choppy that watching from the website is infuriating. Also the cable providers here provide a bastard version of CNN inbetween endless Indian musicals, game shows, news, and videos. Never, ever, MSNBC. Enter iTunes: MSNBC is making both Kieth Olbermann’s “Countdown” and the Rachel Maddow show available as video podcasts. The whole show, sans commercials, for FREE. So every day I just download the previous day’s broadcast and I have fresh news from home in my iTunes podcast list. In fact, as I sit here at the beautiful Hotel du Parc in amazing Pondicherry, there are two episodes downloading as I type. Magic. Thanks, MSNBC :)


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Pondicherry Promenade



After our unsuccessful attempt to get to Chennai on time for a tour of the Royal Enfield factory, we stopped for lunch along the coast as we headed for our consolation destination, Pondicherry. It was so hot and humid out there – like 99°F with 60% humidity – that just getting out of the air conditioned car caused my glasses to fog up pretty severely, creating the humorous photo opportunity you see here :)

On a less humorous note, I failed to connect this phenomenon with the potential for similar behavior in my considerably more delicate and expensive camera and computer. As a result, during our subsequent time in Pondy, my Canon 5D Mark II fogged up pretty badly, over and over again, until it just stopped working. Yes, I am new here. And yes, over the next two days it did dry out and begin behaving normally again.