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Where The Rubble Comes From

India has great rubble. This shot from a walk we took yesterday, southbound away from town on Bannerghatta Road.

Where Phil Works

This is the towering Adobe office on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore where I work. It may look large, but it is utterly dwarfed by the buildings all over B’lore belonging to such behemoths as Accenture (3 bigger-than-airport facilities on Bannerghatta alone!), Accentis, Conexant, Enventure, Infineon, InfoSys, and so on. I guess only 10 years ago this place was all gardens and goats, and BAM, technology happened.

Anyway, I am proud to be working for a company whose name is an actual WORD.

Infineon? What the hell does that even mean?


After meals it is common to have a bit of fennel seed mixed with various other items. Sometimes it is candy-coated fennel, others it is for you to mix yourself. Crystallized sugar is common: take a spoonful of fennel into your palm, then a spoonful of sugar crystals, pop it all in your mouth, and… mmm :)

In this case, we have a tray with toothpicks, fennel seeds, and jaggery, served at the Punjabi Times restaraunt on Bannerghatta Road. Best combo yet :)

Angry Ants

We sat on these ants. After a hot crazy night of tuk-tuk errands, we stopped for a Coke along Bannerghatta Road; exhausted, we sat on this cement bench surrounding some kind of tree. After we sat for a minute, Pam leaped up, grabbed her purse, and yanked me up as well. These little buggers were everywhere. We spent the rest of the night brushing off itchy creatures, real and imagined alike.

By the way, the Canon 5D Mark II does indeed open up a lot of possibility in low light…