My Beloved Grandmother, Helen Frank, Passed Away Tonight

by Phil

My Grandmom, Helen Frank, at left, w/ my mom Judy at right:
Grandmom and Mom
She was kidnaped, through a window by her bed on a snowy night when she was a baby. She was hidden from her real family for years by the other side of the family. When the warring family factions finally reconciled, each side stood on opposite sides of the river; her captors set her down in a little rowboat, pointed it at the other side, and pushed

She was smarter, classier, and funnier than all of you combined. She would not hesitate to call anyone a “southbound end of a northbound horse” if it was deserved. She was an oasis of fun and kindness in an otherwise difficult childhood. She was kind and cheerful to a fault. She was ready to go. She just kept getting tinier, and her body kept failing, one thing after the next. She was not in pain. She was tired. She missed her husband, who died years ago. She wanted to go. And so she was finally able to do so. Bye Grandma and thanks for everything you did :)

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10 Responses to “My Beloved Grandmother, Helen Frank, Passed Away Tonight”

  1. Shannon says:

    She lived through the Dustbowl and wished Steinbeck hadn’t written about it. She loved horses and always watched the Kentucky Derby. She told me that when she was a little girl, she played in the cherry tree in her yard, and every branch had a different name, because every branch was a different horse. She also told me she hoped Jesus would come and get her soon, because she was tired of waiting around for Him. She walks on Heaven’s streets now.

  2. cory says:

    what a great memorial post to about a woman I didnt know but wished I did.

  3. Jonny Poynton says:

    Phil ………. so sorry. Hope you have wonderful memories ……………

  4. Dwayne says:

    Hey Phil – sorry to hear of your loss, and echoing the above, a wonderful post….best d

  5. sue jackson says:

    so sorry to hear about you and your familie’s loss – she sounds like someone I would have wanted in my life. how lucky you were to have known her.

  6. lauralee says:

    The last time we saw each other we discussed the loss of a loved one, so I guess I don’t need to tell you how I grieve for you and your family. Send our love to your mom, and tell Pam to take extra special care of you. I’m envious that you had her for so long. Much love from us both.

  7. sita says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Phil, she seemed like a wonderful women , now you have an angel in heaven named Grandma.:) love – s.

  8. kristy (bob's daughter) says:

    and what about the time she beat off her own purse snatcher? Stanind at 5 ft tall and 100 lbs (and 60 years old?) Imagine his surprise! He didn’t bargain on Mrs Helen Frank fighting back! She was a woman of spice and surprise and never hesitated at standing up for what was right, or for herself, fearlessly…

    And what about pursueing her lifelong dream of skydiving at the age of 90? Yes, fearless indeed.

    She loved chocolate, felines, wolves, and roses. I can remember tending her rose gardens in okc as a small child, and laughed when I learned that no one in her senior living community center ordered or planted roses without Ms Helen’s okay first. She is the reason our newest daughter is named Charlotte Rose, and every time she smiles her 3 month old baby grin, I see grandmother.

    Julia, my 6 yr old, has grandmother’s shape of eyes. Megan, my 5 yr old, has since day one been a night owl, staying up late and sleeping in late. (I completely blame this trait on grandmother), and my 2 year old son has her chocolate brown eyes, which were her mother’s eyes. (The same mother she didn’t get to meet until in her 20’s.)

    How blessed am I to see little bits and peices of grandmother in each of my little ones, looking back at me? I am going to miss her so deeply…the way she said, “mah-velous” when you asked how she was doing, and her “God bless and keep” at the end of every phone call. But I suppose she’d still answer the same if asked now, “how’re you doing grandma?”
    “Mah-velous dear, Simply mah-velous!”

  9. Maggie says:

    Dear Phil- This is the loveliest, unsaddest farewell to a grandma I’ve read. Helen Frank sounds a rare and wonderful being who enjoyed her life and you.

    What a beautiful way to wave her onto “heaven’s streets.”

    I will put a black olive in my martini tonight!

    Love you guys and miss you so — Maggie

  10. womannextdoor says:

    I am so sorry. She seems like a beautiful person.