My Beloved Grandmother, Helen Frank, Passed Away Tonight

My Grandmom, Helen Frank, at left, w/ my mom Judy at right:
Grandmom and Mom
She was kidnaped, through a window by her bed on a snowy night when she was a baby. She was hidden from her real family for years by the other side of the family. When the warring family factions finally reconciled, each side stood on opposite sides of the river; her captors set her down in a little rowboat, pointed it at the other side, and pushed

She was smarter, classier, and funnier than all of you combined. She would not hesitate to call anyone a “southbound end of a northbound horse” if it was deserved. She was an oasis of fun and kindness in an otherwise difficult childhood. She was kind and cheerful to a fault. She was ready to go. She just kept getting tinier, and her body kept failing, one thing after the next. She was not in pain. She was tired. She missed her husband, who died years ago. She wanted to go. And so she was finally able to do so. Bye Grandma and thanks for everything you did :)

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