Noida Street Vendors

by Phil

I have no idea what these guys are selling; could be soap, candy, wax ? This was in Noida, at the amazing daily outdoor market there. Noida is a tech suburb, home to Adobe and other newcomers to what was, until 10 years ago or so, a rural village. Consequently these guys, and all the other bike-riding, cart-pulling locals, speak no English whatsoever. Not even “Yes,” or “No.” Anyway, I like the picture and especially the lone, gas-powered light bulb thingie; these lanterns are ubiquitous at the market after sundown.

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One Response to “Noida Street Vendors”

  1. deewane says:

    From what I can make out I think they are selling ‘petha’ a dry sweet made from a gourd-like vegetable (I love it!)