Now Is The Time When We Dance

by Pam

Indians love to dance; especially, it seems, the boys and men. Today at the City Center Market here in Bangalore marks the second time I’ve been pulled into a crowd of ecstatic temple revelers and coaxed into dancing. The spectacle of Cara and I, and even Phil, dancing with these young men, and a tranny in an orange saree, drew quite a smiling crowd.

Don’t look at this photo for too long, or that guy will yank you in as well…

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One Response to “Now Is The Time When We Dance”

  1. Marcus Richardson says:

    Hi Pam,

    it’s Marcus, Linda’s son, Aunt Terryne told me about your blog, and it seems like your having an awesome time. well i just got into University of Arts London for fashion, one of the best if not the best schools for fashion in the world, and now i’m looking for ways to fund my schooling. Aunt Terryne said you would be a great person to talk to since you used to help artist find funding for projects and what, and i was wondering if you could give me some pointers. just let me know, and have a great time in India!