Puttaparthi People

by Phil

We are off to Puttaparthi for the weekend. We are traveling there with the people in the picture above: our maid, Rathnama (at right), her daughter, and grandson-with-no-name, plus our stalwart driver Bhaskar. Their native village is close by there, and Rathnama’s 12-year old son Harish (not seen in this pic) goes to school there at one of Sai Baba‘s facilities. Will we see the man they call Swami? You will be the first to hear if we do.

If you want to learn a bit more about Sai Baba, a strange, powerful, and controversial figure here, I did a little writing on the subject awhile back.

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3 Responses to “Puttaparthi People”

  1. Phil says:

    We saw the man they call Swami ! More soon…

  2. Hi you guys.

    All I need is one more distraction when I turn on the computer and you have provided it. Good stuff. I mean I was surfing the porn channels for research I’m doing on this book about an ex altar girl when I came across the scene in the desert with the camel. So post-modern.

    But I’m enjoying it. M. last night called it a blogbuster, soon coming to a screen or bookstore near you. I do need your address so that I can send you a copy of THE LOVE POTION MURDERS IN THE MUSEUM OF MAN. As well as a submittance to HOUSE of an episode titled GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE PENISES. (House loses his private member in a motorcycle accident and drama revolves around the efforts to find the right-sized donation.)



  3. Phil says:

    Alfie Acorn,

    You sound a lot like a dwarf I know ;) Whether you are or not, you are my new hero and I would love it if you would link us from any website you are involved with, whether it includes bears and penises or not.

    Come back often ;)