Sanderella, Queen of the Desert

by Phil

Pamela shows us all how to get on top of a CAMEL.


This video was shot, by the way, with the Canon 5D Mark II… though the HD does not come thru here, sadly, unless I join Vimeo PLUS for 59 bucks a year; am pondering.

~ Phil

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5 Responses to “Sanderella, Queen of the Desert”

  1. jonny says:

    So when I saw this posting, I went out and bought a camel. Dragged it back to my 10 x 12 room in West Oakland and thought … awesome Pammydog is going to show me how to ride this motherfucka ,,,,,,,,, but to no avail. No video and I am stuck with this beast in my room. Wait till I get to Bangalore …………..

  2. jonny says:

    so of course I did what any aspiring camel rider would do after the lack of How to ride a camel video, I sold the sucka in East Oakland. Only to find a pristine copy os Pammy of Rajistan ( camera work by Werner Herzog ) upon my return. Back to East Oakland ………….. later ……………..

  3. Phil says:


    Hey is the video still not showing up? Give it a few secs to load maybe… and if you click on the video itself does it take you to Vimeo or is it just dead?

  4. jonny says:

    No I now know how to ride a camel ………. just sold the camel though. Video loading. Cannot wait to join you on your safari !!! How are you both ?

  5. Phil says:

    We are awaiting your arrival because nobody’s gonna crack this nut like you :)