Seven Stranded Castaways

by Phil

A portrait of our island crew. Clockwise from left: Luke, ’70’s moustache heartthrob; King Andrew, being fey; yours truly, in a skirt as usual; Pamela, clearly thinking funny thoughts, Nurse Nina, dresser of wounds; Miss Philippa, hater of fine literature; and Jo Lamb, Olympic crossword champion.

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3 Responses to “Seven Stranded Castaways”

  1. Bob Ott says:

    Wow, We miss you both. Your blog is wonderful and the photos are killer. I trust that the experience is beyond belief. Leslie and I both think alot about you guys and miss you. gotta talk sometime on iChat or something. Looks like youre getting alot of sun . . . you both look great! Keep on truckin!


    Bob Ott

  2. Jonny Poynton says:

    Which TV reality show is this picture from ? I am sure I recognize two of the contestants ………… meanwhile back in SF it is raining !!!!

  3. Marisa says:

    Holy cow.
    I see a screenplay in the making.