खिलौना Story

by Phil

It's a huge, gorgeous oil painting.
This is an oil painting made by a lovely old painter man here in Bangalore. His real profession is painting signs for Bollywood and Kollywood and Sandalwood movies; his real passion is painting huge, realistic canvases of Indian landscapes and ruins; but his real money comes from doing goofy shit like this for crazy expats like our friend, who we will not name here for legal reasons. We’re next, though. Oh yes. We are next.

More photos soon, and the detailed story of our visit to this artist and his studio as soon as Pam is done making me dinner. And yes, I know the Hindi glyphs don’t match…

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7 Responses to “खिलौना Story”

  1. Deewane says:

    But your word (khilona) is more accurate! :P

  2. Phil says:


    Do you know whet the word in the painting is?

    Phil :)

  3. Deewane says:

    Gudiya (i.e. the word in the painting) more specifically means doll, khilona is a more generic term meaning, well, a toy :)

  4. Deewane says:

    Ooooh also it is kinda gender specific (gudiya), has a feminine connotation (so yeah not exactly helping Buzz’s image there :P)

  5. Phil says:

    Wow Deewane, thanks for that info! I asked because I wanted to make them the same, but now I think I will leave our headlins as it is!


    Phil :)

  6. Deewane says:

    Oooh hehe totally forgot that you probably can’t read the hindi script (I could be wrong?) but you are welcome.

  7. John Feld says:

    Wonderful find.
    I would so hang that on my wall.