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A Night Visit To Shiva

After an uneventful Valentine’s Day dinner at the Leela (other than doing our best to stump the wandering serenade guy and handing out contraband hearts), we decided to walk up the street to what is known to be the largest Shiva temple in India. I love this photo of Ganesh:

Apparently there are 108 names for Shiva. Putting a gold coin into each of 108 golden bowls, each with one of Shiva’s names posted, apparently helps to memorize all the names ;)

108 Names
Pam and Ganesh…

Pam and Ganesh
They were repainting Shiva that night, as it was apparently an auspicious date…

Here is the dramatic view of Shiva:

Pam and Shiva.
If you look closely at the foot of Shiva you can see tiny Pam there…

~ Phil :)