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It’s The Final Countdown

At this moment we have only 9 days to go.

Yeah, it’s bittersweet. Cliché, but true. We are seriously going to miss India; at the same time, we will be happy to come back to the States.

There were so many more essays and photos we wanted to post here… every day brought innumerable new stories, images, what-the-fuck moments and revelations… Proustian nano-moments :) Well, we did what we could – a kind of brute force triage – posting what time would allow, and what would not be stifled :)

Given that coming home is also a part of this adventure, what with adjustments and re-entry issues, I think we are going to keep this blog going for some time, and continue to backfill photos and write new essays chronicling our return home and experiences settling in.

So please do keep coming back, as the journey will not be over for a long time yet !