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Monkey Thieves !

Best reality show EVER. Now playing on the National Geographic Channel.

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“While a maze of back streets and rooftop labyrinths make Jaipur the ultimate urban jungle, cars, electric wires and one determined monkey catcher make this a dangerous place for the 60-member Galta gang.

In this new 13-part series, the Galta gang ventures outside their peaceful temple lifestyle into the hectic streets of one of the fastest growing cities in the world. With no drought relief in sight, the monkeys must exploit every advantage they have to survive, whether it is sneaking through open windows or swiping fruit from an unattended grocery cart.

Rowdy teenagers Bipin, Yash and Tito are an inseparable trio, diving off lamp posts into a trough full of dirty water, playing rodeo on the backs of the city’s pig population and teasing the stray street dogs. But while the youngsters explore their new playground, alpha male Tarak has the weight of the troop’s survival on his shoulders. Leading the group into Jaipur everyday in search of food is risky.

The situation is even worse for other Galta members when, on patrol for food, Yash, Tito and several other Galta members are snared in a trap and deposited 16 kilometres outside the city. These monkeys are used to dodging taxis and tuk-tuks, not leopards and pythons, and they are uncertain about their new environment. Meanwhile, a young Galta named Kavi pays the price for his risky high-wire act along the power lines, suffering a huge electric shock. Taken to a local animal sanctuary, Kavi’s condition is critical as doctors work hard to save him.

Will the monsoons provide much relief and social stability for the Galta gang? Can Yash, Tito and the others find their way through the jungle and back to Jaipur? Find out in Monkey Thieves !”

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