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India From An Enfield

We are taking off for the weekend on a bike journey with our new pals Gautam and Venetia, and a surly group of Enfield riders from the notorious Road Veda MC. No cuts yet, but we are still prospects only ;)

Our destination is Galibore, a fishing village on the other side of the ghats. A bunch of Bullets, bitches riding pillion, a backup car, medical personnel and a mechanic; if you see us coming, you best get out the way.

Oh and once we get there, we will be rafting with crocodiles.

Puttaparthi People

We are off to Puttaparthi for the weekend. We are traveling there with the people in the picture above: our maid, Rathnama (at right), her daughter, and grandson-with-no-name, plus our stalwart driver Bhaskar. Their native village is close by there, and Rathnama’s 12-year old son Harish (not seen in this pic) goes to school there at one of Sai Baba‘s facilities. Will we see the man they call Swami? You will be the first to hear if we do.

If you want to learn a bit more about Sai Baba, a strange, powerful, and controversial figure here, I did a little writing on the subject awhile back.