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Three Painters

The man in white, a master sign-wallah named Chinnappa, has been painting oversize movie theatre signs and cutouts for a lifetime. The movie industry’s need for these objects is being gradually replaced by cheaper, easily printed vinyl signage, and so his business is slowly going away. Our friend Alex has decided to help him stay afloat by starting a business with him: Bespoke Bollywood.

At Bespoke Bollywood, you can have your likeness inserted into any Hollywood or Bollywood movie poster, and rendered in oilpaint on canvas. Or you can have him render any source material onto canvas in his unique, Bollywood style. We have just taken delivery of our first order, an 8×4 canvas based on the Slumdog Millionaire movie poster. We’ll post photos soon. These are huge, impressive, and very affordable, so if you want to do the same, contact Alex. !