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Fuck Yeah Cilantro !

OK so my new favorite daily read is the fantastic Fuck Yeah Cilantro site, a place where those of us with serious cilantro fetishes can gather without shame, share some cilantro cheesecake, have a laugh or just beat the crap out of unbelievers.

Living in India of course we run into cilantro every day in new and astonishing ways; therefore I have decided to make my contribution to Cilantro Culture by periodically reporting from the front lines, using a Fuck Yeah Cilantro press pass that I made out of construction paper, Elmer’s glue, and green glitter.

Today’s submission is an Indian specialty: the Fresh Lime Soda. Especially great in the hot hot heat here, when done right, they will bring you carafes of soda water, a small pitcher of sugar syrup (because if you use sugar crystals with the soda water you will be mopping up the table), and some freshly squeezed lime juice or concentrate. You mix to taste. In some cases they will garnish with lime, lemon, mint, or in this case…. Cilantro. Nothing more satisfying on a hot, humid day: it starts sweet, has a little playtime, then finishes with that special cilantro twinkle.

In India, we say, “Coriander.” Say it with me: COR – EEE – AND – ER. Niiice :)

For more, be sure to visit Fuck Yeah Cilantro and tell ’em Phil sent ya.